ROBAM Dishwasher W602S Both Freestanding and Built-in<br />
3D powerful cleaning easily removing heavy grease and dirt</p>
<p>1.Core highlights:<br />
1)Large capacity Low energy consumption<br />
Free your hands and bring you convenience ①Classic large capacity meets all of you daily cleaning demands two layer of adjustable baskets can hold 12 sets of tableware, no matter what kind of utensils<br />
②Energy-saving and power-efficient Less than 1 KWh per day Power consumption is less than 1KWh on an average day A++ energy efficiency class The same consumption, better cleaning<br />
③Lower noise enjoy quiet kitchen environment 49Db(A) low noise, extreme quiet kitchen experience
-2)24-hour reservation timer function 6 overall cleaning programs</p>
<p>①24-hour reservation timer function meets off-peak power use demands<br />
②6 cleaning programs meets demands of family dinner or party.<br />
Intensive<br />
For heaviest soiled crockery, soiled pots, pans and dishes etc.</p>
<p>Normal<br />
For normally daily cleaning of soiled loads</p>
<p>ECO<br />
The standard program, energy saving and power-efficient</p>
<p>Glass<br />
For lightly soiled crockery and glass</p>
<p>90 Min<br />
For normally soiled loads that need quick wash</p>
<p>Rapid<br />
A shorter wash for lightly soiled loads that do not need drying.

-3)3D dimensional cleaning One piece body with overall cleaning and drying<br />
①2 sets of spray arms with 25 high speed hydraulic pressure holes, sterilizing and killing bacteria thouroughly. 360° overall cleaning of heavy stubborn stains, much cleaner than hand washing<br />
②25 high speed hydraulic pressure holes 2 sets of efficient spray arms<br />
③2 sets of spray arms with 25 high speed hydraulic pressure holes, 360° overall cleaning to all kinds of tableware<br />
④70 degree hot water rinse High temperature dissolve the stubborn greasy dirt adhered on the surface of tableware, while killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, easily achieving the washing and sterilizing effect that cannot be achieved by hand washing.

⑤Triple filtration system Triple effective filtration filters, easy clean and disassemble, residue sewage can be freely discharged with no clogging and ordors. Coarse filter: for bigger food residues<br />
⑥Physical drying system<br />
No energy consumption physical drying technology<br />
Effectively eliminate secondary air pollution and bring healthy life with no bacteria<br />
Main filter: for small food residues<br />
Fine filter: fine filtration for small particles

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