• DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series

Italian made Defendi dual brass burner
18MJ/h Supreme firepower
Upper air-intake
Flame failure protection
Disassemble burner
Premium grade 304 stainless steel surface

  • Ingenious design, easy to clean

      • Separable burners: The detachable design is easy to clean and to handle daily overflow problems.
      • Easy-clean stainless steel protype panel: Protype panel hides no blind space and one-wipe to restore a bright texture.
  • Outstanding Material

      • Superior stainless steel panel
      • 860mm large size
      • Zinc alloy round knobs
  • Extraordinary Quality

      • Pure copper burner: Made of pure copper and the exquisite craftsmanship casts excellent quality,which is more efficient for burning and more resistant to deformation.
      • Non-slip iron groove: Elaborately design, suitable for both pan and pot, special non-slip design makes cooking more convenient.
  • Safety Design, Carefree cooking

      • Flame failure device: Once the accidental flameout is sensed, the cooker automatically cuts off the air source to avoid air leakage.
      • Press-ignition knobs: Only after pressing, it could be ignited to prevent children from misuse and avoid potential safety hazards.

Technical Parameter

Product Size(WxD) 860x510(mm)
Cutout Size(WxD) 827x485(mm)
Surface 304# S/Steel
Wok burner 18MJ/h
Burner Type Defendi Brass
Gas Type Natural Gas / LPG
Ignition Supply 10A Wall Plug
Pan support Cast-iorn Trivest


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