18MJ/hr annular intensive strong fire<br />
Greater power Better cooking<br />
ROBAM Brand-new upgraded super power gas stove B312<br />
①Linear burner arrangement for hand protection<br />
②Imported burner for greater heat<br />
③Cut-off protection for reliable safety ①Annular Intensive Strong Fire of Upgraded Power<br />
Pure copper burner,rapid heat conduction without deformation<br />
Linear pure copper burner arrangement contributes to excellent heat conduction and thermal dissipation,and protects hands shifting cooker<br />
②Concentrate extreme heat for perfect stir-frying<br />
Heat load up to 18MJ/h,dual ring heat,time saving frying,uniform heating and better cooking<br />
③Circular grove,stable flame ,reliable cooking Patent circular grove structure,stable flame regardless of high and low pressure<br />
2)Higher heat,quicker cooking<br />
Greater heat shortens waiting,rapid heating,improving efficiency by 24%<br />
3)Quick combustion makes taste of chef<br />
Rapid frying locks taste and nutrition of food.
①Considerate caring,0-second delay,rapid cooking<br />
0-second ignition delay,instant ignition<br />
Runway zinc alloy knob,precise heat control<br />
②Easy cleaning,wipe and clean<br />
Removable burner facilitates cleaning<br />
Stainless steel water tray,dirt hides nowhere<br />
③Safe protection,free from risk when soup spills<br />
Automatic flameout protection, gas source cut off at flame failure<br />
8mm black-crystal explosion-proof toughed glass

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