• DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series
  • DEFENDI Burner Series

Italian made Defendi dual brass burner
18MJ/h Supreme firepower
Upper air-intake
Flame failure protection
Disassemble burner
Easy cleaning surface
8mm Tempered galss

  • 600mm-width Cooktop

      • Meet the demand of frying, simmering, steaming and boiling.
      • More concise design, diminutive size.
  • Product Safety

      • Before leaving the factory, seven inspection procedures are ignition inspection device; fire inspection; Air Tightness Inspection; Protection Device Inspection; Burner Inspection; Appearance Inspection; Machine Commissioning Inspection.
      • Our products use black toughened glass panels that are several times stronger than ordinary glass, 3 to 5 times stronger in bending and 5 to 10 times stronger in impact than ordinary glass, the higher the strength, the safer the use, the greater the load bearing capacity, the better the friability, even if the toughened glass damage also has no acute angle of the small debris, the harm to the human body greatly reduced. Compared with ordinary glass, the heat resistance of toughened glass is 2 ~ 3 times higher, and can bear the temperature difference of toughened glass 150LC or above, which has obvious effect on preventing heat burst.
      • Automatic flameout protection induction to the accident flameout, the stove automatically cut off the gas source to avoid leakage.
      • Explosion-proof glass panel 8mm thick glass, with explosion-proof Mesh, refused to burst.
      • Detachable burner detachable design can be clean and convenient, easy to handle daily overflow problem easy to clean glass plate glass surface smooth non-sticky oil, wipe clean, long-term use as new.
  • DEFENDI Burner

      • Precise Firepower, Extraordinary Delicacy
      • 5.0kW (18MJ/h) Burner
      • Vigorous Firepower, Stir-fry Fiercely
      • Uniform Flames Making The Utmost Delicious Dishes
  • Outstanding Material Easy-to-clean Design

    Easy-to-clean Design
      • Black tempered glass panel
      • Matt cast iron groove
      • Durable pure copper burner
      • Plated nickel semi-gloss knobs
      • Separable burners
      • Easy clean glass panel
  • Safety Design, Carefree cooking

      • Flame failure device: Once the accidental flameout is sensed, the cooker automatically cuts off the air source to avoid air leakage.
      • Explosion-proof glass panel: 8mm extra-thick glass with explosion-proof mesh to prevent bursting.
      • All-iron construction, matt effect, low-key without losing tedxture.

Technical Parameter

Product Size(WxD) 605x520(mm)
Cutout Size(WxD) 564x483(mm)
Surface Tempered Glass
Wok Burner 18MJ/h
Burner Type Defendi Brass
Gas Type Natural Gas / LPG
Ignition Supply 10A Wall Plug
Pan support Cast-iorn Trivest


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