• New Generation Icook Series Range Hood
  • New Generation Icook Series Range Hood
  • New Generation Icook Series Range Hood
  • New Generation Icook Series Range Hood
  • New Generation Icook Series Range Hood
  • New Generation Icook Series Range Hood

 Siphon-Technology to exhaust fumes from all directions

 Aesthetics design

 Patent A++ filter effectively traps heavy oil greases

 100% dishwasher-safe filter

 Suitable for under cabinet and wall-mount installs

 Non-disessambly and wash free system

 One minute delay off to exhaust out the oil fumes

  • 25°Golden Ratio

      • No collision, no restraint.More suitable for small kitchens.Leave your kitchen with bigger space.
      • Golden ratio geometric incline, thinner, more space saving.
      • Whole black tempered glass panel with fashionable and elegant appearance.It will become a decoration art craft in the kitchen.
      • No worry about head collide when cooking.Bring more convenience to you.
      • Touch buttons, sensitive operation, easy start.Not so easy to hide grease in the seams of mechanical buttons.
  • Fashionable Ratio

      • Golden ratios for squares and rounds, harmonic and fashion appearance.
      • New generation of “Centralized Negative Pressure 2.0 system”, upgrading negative pressure area.
      • Central board in the center of the range hood,strong pressure push all the smoke quickly into the cavity and exhaust out of the kitchen.
      • Special ratio design,both powerful suction and good performance.
  • More Strong Power

    More Strong Ventilation Effects
      • Turbine diameter increased by 15mm, air volume reached 18.5m³/min.
      • Tornado powerful suction,no worry of smoke anymore.
      • Powerful and durable motor,the using life can be increased to 10+ years.
      • No matter what kind of cooking style,stir-frying,stewing and simmering.A606 can solve all your problems.
  • Full High Profile

    An Outstanding Appearance, A More Excellent Interior
      • Free of oil coated inner cavity, no oil attached.
      • Integrated oil screen, filtering 92% of heavy oil molecule,“No-disassembly and wash free”.
      • Quadruple concealed oil pipe, no leakage of oil
      • Triple protection of cleaning,the A++ Ling net,free coating on the inner cavity and big suction,no oil will escape into the cavity.
      • Detachable oil mesh,easily be removed and clean in the dishwasher or wash by yourself.
      • Super big oil cup,you don’t need to clean it frequently.
      • 1min delay extract, eliminate residual oil smoke in the kitchen, start smoke-free life.
      • Soft LED lighting technology, energy-saving and non-polluting, lighten the beauty of kitchen.Bring you bright and warm cooking environment.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxDxH) 795x354x579(mm)
Maximum Air Flow Rate(IEC61591) 1110m³/h
Noise Level ≤ 57.5dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure 370Pa
Motor Power 200w
Grease Separation Rate ≥95%
Net Weight of Unit 24.5kg


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