• OVEN RQ335
  • OVEN RQ335
  • OVEN RQ335
  • OVEN RQ335
  • OVEN RQ335
  • OVEN RQ335

1. Efficient double cavities

2. Dual temperature dual control, accurate to 1°C

3. 5+2 Stereo Baking

4. 36 Recipes for Automatic Cooking

5. Breathing Ring LED light

6. 30°C-250°C Wide temperature adjustable range

7. Front dual air duct cooling system

RQ335 (5)
RQ335 (4)
RQ335 (3)

Product Parameters

RQ335 (2)

Technical Parameter

Product Size(WxHxD) 595x595x520(mm)
Half Installation Size (WxHxD) 560x590x550(mm)
Full lnstallation Size (WxHxD) 600x600x565(mm)
Rated Power lnput 3350W
Capacity 65L
urrent Rating 15A


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