• Built-in Microwave Oven
  • Built-in Microwave Oven
  • Built-in Microwave Oven

3 Modes
1℃ Precise control
9 Auto cooking menus
3 Layers protection, no radiation

  • Children Lock Protection, 3 Seconds Of Delayed Start

      Thoughtful consideration of all possible safe care for family.

  • Dual-modes Cooking

    9 Intellectual Menus
      • 3 independent function control areas.
      • Light wave roast + micro wave cooking combination, achieving different kind of delicacy.
  • Product appearance and performance

      • The tempered glass makes the whole appearance of it become more high-ending and fashionable. Also it provides with us a transparent window, so we can watch cooking status clearly. Secondly, let’s see the inner design of it .The 25 liter cavity allows us to cook as we like. Of course it is made up of stainless steel, so it is durable and easy –clean. Besides, the glass turntable is rotary, which makes the food be heated equally. And the holes on the two sides of the cavity help us to spread the heating electromagnetic wave to every corner of the oven. And on the top part, we can easily see the heating tubes from the mesh. About the inner removable parts, this is the grill rack, the glass turntable, the roller ring. Thirdly, it is also humanized designed. The child lock protection bring 360°safe care to your family. Also the 3D air duct helps us to protect the oven cabinet from the high temperature. Finally.
      • We can easily divide the control panel into three parts, the first part is the display screen, which tells us the clock time, the food weight, the cooking power and the remaining time. When the oven is switched on for the first time or the oven is without operation for 5 minutes, the display screen will only show two points which flashing. This mode means standby, all operation should start in this condition. I have set the clock time, so here the clock time also means the standby mode.
  • 3D Protection Shield

    Triple Safety Protection, Cohesive Energy More Safety.
      • The shield of black crystal panel.
      • Cellular heating concentrated shield.
      • The titanium film shield.
  • 3d Dimensional Micro Wave

    Every 1℃ Can Be Delivered To Every Bit Of Corner
      • 360°glass rotating plate.
      • An inheriting of self-serving rotating 3d dimensional microwave.
      • 360°micro wave technology, achieving multi-sides quick heating.
      • 3D all-dimensional air duct.
      • Perfect aerology ventilation design, quick circulation dissipation of heat.
      • Protect the cabinet, prolong the service life of the whole oven.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxHxD) 595x390x400(mm)
Cut out size(WxHxD) 560x380x550(mm)
Power Rating 1300w
Capacity 25L
Net Weight 19kg


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